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1 EU VAT Code:

The VAT code generally consists of the 2 character country code followed by a variable length code of 12 alpha-numeric characters. All blanks, or presentation separators should be stripped from the code.

2 Functions:

X Codes: Balance Responsible Party, Balance Supplier, Balance Group Responsible Party, Capacity Trader, Consumer, Control Block Operator, Consumption Responsible Party, Coordinating Scheduler, Coordination Center Operator, Distribution System Operator (DSO), Grid Access Provider, Grid Operator, Imbalance Settlement Responsible, Information Provider, Interconnection Trade Responsible, LNG Operator, Market Operator, Meter Administrator, Meter Operator, Metered Data Aggregator, Metered Data Collector, Metered Data Operator, Measurement Service Provider, Market Area Operator, Metered Data Responsible, Metering Point Administrator, Network User (aka shipper), Nomination Validator, Party Connected To Grid, Platform Operator (service provider), Producer, Production Responsible Party, Profile Maintenance Party, Resource Provider, Storage System Operator (SSO), Synchronous Area, System Operator, Trade Responsible Party, Transmission Capacity Allocator.


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